Easy and Simple Ways to Preserve Precious Memories

InstagramMommy guilt comes in all different forms. For me, mommy guilt kicks in when I see other kids whose moms have made them these elaborate scrapbooks and photos albums. I hate to scrapbook and don’t have the time or money to print out pictures for albums. Sure, my Facebook and Instagram albums are chocked full of great pictures of my kids and our family, but I feel like I am jipping them out of a real-life photo album or scrapbook. To assuage at least that part of my Mommy guilt, I’ve run across a couple of great websites and phone apps that make preserving those precious memories a piece of cake:

Printstagram (www.printstagr.am) — Turn all your Instagram photos into prints, calendars, memory boxes and other fun photo products.

Kidlee.com (available at the Apple app store or online at www.kidlee.com) — Touted as the baby book and journal for busy parents, kidlee.com lets you take pictures, add notes and privately share with family and friends. Also, any pictures and notes can be printed out.

Keepsy (www.keepsy.com) — An easy way to create pocket books, full albums and calendars from pictures on your phone.

Also, keep an eye out for deals from photo websites like Snapfish and Shutterfly. Several times a year, they run buy 1 photo book, get 1 free and sometimes it’s even buy 1 get 2 free! This is a great time to just put all the pictures you have on your computer into a book, because both sites have the option of doing all the layout work for you!

scan0011And, on top of all the photo issues, my daughter has been in school for a mere two-and-a-half years and my house is already becoming overrun with colored pictures and artwork. I don’t necessarily want to keep every piece of artwork because we all know it will just end up in a box in the basement storage room until she moves out and I make her take them with her. So, instead, I’ve started scanning all her artwork onto my computer and taking picture of the larger and awkward pieces. I then plan on putting all the pics in their own photo album for her to keep. This way, I figure we’ll be more likely to look at her art more often and it’s much easier to store a photo album than a huge pile of artwork. I will just keep mine and her favorite pieces. You can also check out Art My Kid Made, an app that lets you take photos of your kid’s artwork, store online and print out when needed. (www.artmykidmade.com)


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