World-Class Care in Our Backyard

IMG_1507Every year, my favorite Indy radio station, WFMS, runs a telethon to raise money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital here in Indianapolis. I would listen  every year and be moved by the stories of how Riley has helped so many really sick kids. Hearing the stories after having our first child especially moved me to tears and I would say a prayer of thankfulness for my healthy child and that we didn’t need the services of Riley. Then, my son was born. In a span of several minutes during his first official checkup with the pediatrician, my one-day-old son went from perfectly healthy to having a heart murmur and two undescended testicles. The pediatrician set us up with two specialists at Riley, a pediatric cardiologist and pediatric urologist.

My husband and I took our three-day-old son to a place we thought we never would have to use but were intensely grateful was so close to home. We met with both specialists that day and received some of the best care we could have imagined from everyone at Riley, including the receptionists, nurses and doctors. Long story short, my son still has a heart murmur we will continue to monitor as he grows up and he had surgery to repair his testicles when he turned one.

All of this was brought to mind again reading Parents magazine’s “10 Best Children’s Hosptials” article. Included in the Top 10 and Honorable Mentions were hospitals close to the Key to Conceive family, including Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati. God-forbid we ever need to use them, but it’s reassuring to know that top-rate and first-class care is right in our backyards.

Thankfully, my husband and I have great health insurance so we were able to receive excellent care and afford it. Many of the families treated byRiley_Hospital these hospitals do not have good coverage, or any at all, and rely on the generosity of those who give to these institutions. So, the next time you hear a telethon or come across someone soliciting donations for your local children’s hospital, say a prayer of thanksgiving for your own healthy children and give what you can to help those who don’t have healthy kids. This year, when WFMS’s Riley telethon comes on, you can be sure we will be saying a prayer for the care our son has received at Riley and donating what we can to assure that others will continue to receive world-class care close to home.

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