Capturing Memories in Writing

A few months ago Lindsey gave some great advice on capturing and organizing pictures and kids’ artwork. Her ideas are wonderful and I hope to get my act together soon and implement some of them! Before I had kids I considered myself a really organized, neat, detail-oriented person. Deep down inside I still have those qualities, but they have taken a back-burner to being a mom. When we had our first son I did really well keeping his baby book updated with all of his milestones and printed pictures to put in albums faithfully. Then along came my daughter. She had a baby book, but it was much more sporadically used. Our third, well, I think he has a baby book somewhere! I share this to hopefully help others learn early a trick that has helped me capture my kids’ personalities… sayings, milestones, hilarious things that they have done, without the pressure of keeping a perfect baby book.

When my oldest son was four, I finally decided to give up trying to write down his funny moments and sayings in his baby book. It was stored in his closet, so by the time I had a minute to go get the book down, find the right color pen and remember what it was he did or said, it was too late. One day I just took a journal that I probably had sitting in a drawer for years and stuck it on top of the fridge. Now every time I want to record something for any of my kids I can do it before the thought escapes me. I have captured so much more this way than I ever did with the pre-made baby books. Plus, I don’t have to feel guilty about the empty spaces that I either forgot to record or that just didn’t apply to my child. Here are some of the great memories I have captured in writing since I began the journal…

Josiah, 4 years old…

Josiah asked me what happened to the dinosaurs after they died. “They went to heaven, right, Mommy?” While I was trying to figure out how to answer he said, “Oh yeah, I know. They didn’t go to heaven, they went to the Museum of Natural History.”

Josiah and I sat on some small chairs and put our feet up on other chairs. He said, “What are we doing, Mom?” I answered, “Relaxing, Josiah.” He replied, “Oh, I remember you did that one time!”

Josiah, 5 years old…

My husband asked the kids how their breakfast of waffles tasted. “Like popcorn,” said Josiah.

“God isn’t silly,” Josiah told me one day. “What do you mean,” I asked. “Well, I know He doesn’t do anything fun. But, He does go out to dinner with his friends sometimes-His disciples.”

Kaylee Grace, 2 years old…

Pineapple was called “Kind-apple” for the longest time!

Her belly button was her “belly butt.”

When the kids rough house with my husband, it is “ruffle-house” to Kaylee Grace.

I said “Utah” she said, yes, “I t



Kaylee Grace, 3 years old…

She was helping me cut coupons and c

ame to a dog food coupon and said, “We don’t need thi

s one Mommy, we don’t have a camel.”

My husband said to Kaylee Grace while she was bent over on the floor looking at a book, “I can see your butt crack again Kaylee Grace.” ” Yeah Dad, my butt always has a crack in it!”

Kaylee Grace was helping our neighbor plant seeds to start her vegetable garden. I asked Kaylee Grace what they were growing, “candy!” she answered.


Eli is just starting to really converse, but he is a hilarious kid. I can’t wait until he has as many entries in the journal as the other two.

This was only a small sampling of the pages I have in the journal. I could have typed all night! Many of the memories are more meaningful and not as funny, but whatever they are, they are written down so we can remember them and share them!Hopefully this tip will help someone else preserve their family’s lives together.


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