A Strong Marriage for Different Seasons of Life, Part One

Happy-CoupleThere are seasons of life. Priorities change from one season to another. So what happens when you move from a season of being a married couple without kids, to a couple desperately trying for kids, to a couple with young kids? How do you keep your identity as a couple intact while these changes occur?

Today’s post will be looking at keeping a strong marriage while TTC.

An article by Conceive Magazine Online had a great suggestion for couples trying to conceive. Dealing with infertility can become an all-consuming matter in a marriage which can become overwhelming. To avoid making your marriage all about your attempts to conceive, schedule a 10-20 minute time each day to talk about it- how about an after dinner-walk or a before-bed chat.

Sharon Covington, Director of Psychological Support Services with Shady Grove Fertility offers some creative ways to keep the romance while TTC. She suggests planning time to be intimate with your spouse, rather than waiting for it to be spontaneous- possibly even planning it during a known infertile period so there is no pressure to conceive (shadygrovefertility.com).

Overall, good communication is probably the best way to maintain a strong marriage during a stage of infertility. Dr. Nate Cottle, an assistant professor of human development and family studies at the University of North Texas says that “when couples are struggling to have children, many individuals have strong negative emotions (e.g., frustration, feelings of inadequacy), and couples should communicate openly and share these feelings with each other. “By sharing these feelings, they can begin to empathize with each other, and often, they may reach a new level of intimacy.”

Next week we will look at keeping a strong marriage during the season of raising small children. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you! Do you have any other great advice to help keep a strong marriage while ttc?


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