Necessary or Nice to Have? Registering for Baby


After you finally get that BFP (big fat positive!) it’s time to start preparing for baby. I remember the first time my husband and I walked into Babies ‘R Us….talk about overwhelming!! I just kept picking things up and thinking, “what the heck do I do with this??” Thankfully, I had several friends who had been through the baby registering process and gave me some advice and want to pass that advice on to you. Bear in mind, these suggestions are just my opinion; every baby will be different on what exactly they need. Also, baby gear changes so frequently, there were things I got for my son that didn’t even exist three years earlier when I had my daughter!

What do you think is a necessary or nice to have baby item??

Baby Gear Items


Swaddle Me–we used the Hippomatumus brand, but there are several different ones now….the nurses show you how to swaddle in the
hospital, but we could never get Liesl tight enough so we gave up when we got home…a few weeks later we got a Swaddle Me and she slept much
better at night. We kept Gavin swaddled till he was 10 months because it helped him sleep so much better!

Travel Set–we went with the Chicco Cortina Travel System and LOVE it!! The pumpkin seat fits into a base that stays in your vehicle so you just take the pumpkin seat in and out and the pumpkin seat also fits into the stroller. The stoller is very light compared to other stoller systems and can be put up and put down with one hand…very handy when you have a baby in the other.

Car Mirror–attaches to the car seat so you can see the baby in the rearview mirror.

Bouncer–we had two bouncers; one for upstairs and one for down because we used them so much. Both of our babies slept in theirs for a few weeks too!

Pack and play–not only great for traveling, we used ours as a downstairs crib for daytime naps when they were really little.

Baby Monitors–we didn’t have a video monitor for Liesl but got one for Gavin. Ours is just an off-brand and works just fine…we found too
we really like that its rechargeable by just plugging it in, so you’re not spending tons on batteries.

Nice to Have:

Jogger–We got a Jeep jogging stoller because we are both runners. It’s not only nice for running, it’s great for parks, fairs and other areas where the terrain is a little rough.

Umbrella Stroller–Test them out before you buy to make sure you don’t buy one that’s too short and super uncomfortable to walk with. We love ours that has a basket underneath.

Baby Swing–Liesl hated the swing, Gavin loved it. He even slept in it for a few weeks because of his acid reflux. Just depends on the baby.

Baby Sling–I honestly could never figure them out but I’ve seen lots of moms use them. Helps free up your hands while still holding the baby.

Diaper Pail–We hardly ever used ours because the diapers ended up stinking so bad we took them out right away 🙂

Bundle Me or something similar–especially during the winter months, these go over the pumpkin seat and keep baby nice and warm without having to bundle them up in winter coats, etc.




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