The Faces Behind KeyToConceive

Dear Blog Readers and Social Media Followers,

Generally I only connect with people and products on social media that I am familiar with. I enjoy knowing who is behind the comments, writings and advertising that I see on a daily basis. I have come to realize that unless we have had direct contact with a customer, most of our readers really aren’t familiar with us and we would like to change that. So here is a quick summary of the faces behind KeyToConceive’s Social Media.

KeyToConceive is a family company. My paternal uncle, Dr. Ronald Thompson, is the creator of ToConceive. He has been working in our community since before I was born delivering babies (he actually had to help deliver me 33 years ago due to complications while he was on call at the hospital) and helping women achieve pregnancy and motherhood.

My dad, Gary, recently retired from a long career in sales, marketing and management and agreed to head up the marketing department for ToConceive. Dad quickly realized social media was a far bigger job than he could do alone and enlisted the help of myself, my very journalistically talented sister-in-law, Lindsey, and my tech-savvy brother, Joshua, to oversee this area.

Lindsey and her family

Lindsey and her family

Lindsey is the powerhouse behind our humble operation. With a journalism degree from Ohio University and a God-given gift of designing, creating and writing marketing materials, we rely on her heavily to carry out our business plan. She somehow does all of this while excelling as the CEO of her household, raising my niece, Liesl, and my nephew, Gavin- not to mention being a fabulous wife to my brother, Matthew. Lindsey is a free-lance writer and also manages a wonderful blog in her downtime called, “Eating Clean and Saving Green.” Like I said, she’s very talented!

Joshua is the youngest sibling, so I like to say he helps keep us cool. He is always the first to have the latest in technology and he inevitably ends up teaching me how to use the newest social media-because he has been using it for at least a year before I even hear about it!



Josh has a full time job as a Health and Benefits Analyst at a company in downtown Cincinnati. He loves sports and has been to all the best new restaurants and venues in case you need a recommendation! He also has a sweet spot for his nieces and nephews!

I am the oldest of the bunch and therefore have been removed from any sort of business or schooling the longest and am the least tech-savvy. I do have a heart for helping those who suffer with infertility though, so I do my best to get the word out about how ToConceive can help. My husband and I recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary and we have three terrific children, Josiah, Kaylee Grace and Eli. It is not always easy to find time during the day to keep tabs on our social media sites, so if you see a lapse in our posts I am likely grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry or playing with my kiddios.

Krissy and her family

Krissy and her family

Together we make a great team because we have different gifts that compliment each other and we have grown up seeing the way our uncle has used his gift to help those who have trouble getting pregnant. We sincerely want to offer hope to those who are waiting for a child of their own and we desperately want to this happen. So next time you see a post from one of us maybe you will feel a bit more familiar and enjoy seeing what we have to say. Thanks for following!



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