Check out our partner, Kindara, and take control of your fertility!

ToConkindara-400pxceive has partnered with and is available for purchase through Kindara, an app that helps women take control of their fertility. Whether you’re trying to conceive, attempting to avoid pregnancy or just want to be knowledgeable as to how your body works, Kindara offers something for every woman. Concentrating on the Fertility Awareness Method, including charting basal body temps and cervical fluid, Kindara allows you to input your data, your goals and track your most fertile days so you know the best times to attempt intercourse to get pregnant. Kindara is backed by a team of experts to answer questions and provide helpful information.

As their mission states, they want to “give women amazing tools to manage their health and meet their goals. Confident women make the world a better place and we want to create more of them.”

For more information on Kindara, check out their website at or visit the iTunes store to download the app and start taking control of your fertility today!


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