Lunch Box Notes

images-7My baby started 2nd grade today! What? How is that possible? Regardless, that is where we are and I’m thankful for everyday. I do however dread packing lunches. It is just one of those things I do not enjoy doing everyday. In addition to trying to provide a nutritious and pleasing midday meal for my son, I also write a little note in his lunch box. By the end of the year my once creative sayings turn into “have a great day” everyday. I was just looking last night for a little lunch box love inspiration and stumbled across a blog on pinterest with a list of great things to write.

I have also thought of playing games with the notes, such as writing clues each day that lead to a reveal of some sort on Friday. For example:

Monday- Everyday this week you will get a clue that will help you guess who is going to visit you for lunch Friday. This person shares one name with you.

Tuesday- This person enjoys riding on two wheels.

Wednesday- This person drives a gold- colored car.

Thursday- This person gives you candy when mommy isn’t looking.

Friday- I hope you enjoyed your lunch with Pop-pop!

There is no limit to the creativity you could use each day to make your child’s lunch a special time.



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