Charting Cervical Mucus

pregnancy testIn a previous post, I talked about how charting your basal body temperature, or BBT, can be beneficial in determining when you are most fertile. Going along with BBT, charting cervical mucus is another inexpensive and easy way to find out when you are most fertile each month.

A little background on how cervical mucus charting works:

After a woman is finished with her menstrual cycle, there will be little to no mucus. As she approaches ovulation, her discharge becomes more abundant, thin, transparent and slippery like egg whites. When the discharge changes to raw, egg-white looking, the woman has entered her fertile period. This time is the best for regular intercourse.

Along with being accurate (except for those women using feminine hygiene products, lubricated condoms and contraceptive foams and jellies), charting cervical mucus is free. Also, a number of apps and websites help you along the way. We especially like the free Kindara app to help women track and chart their cervical mucus.

For more information, check out this article from Medical Daily.


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