Stages of Infertility Treatments

At what point in the TTC journey should a couple consider treatment for infertility? Each circumstance and each individual couple will need to make that decision on their own, but once that decision is made, here are the stages that generally take place on the treatment journey.

Obviously the first step is testing for possible reasons a woman is not achieving pregnancy. There is a very helpful chart on that lays out the different tests that are offered and what their purpose is. Find it here: Once the testing is complete, depending on the results, specific treatments will follow.

The least expensive and least invasive treatments for infertility are medications and hormone injections for causes such as ovulating problems and unexplained fertility. More complicated and expensive treatments are usually prescribed for blockages in the fallopian tubes and endometriosis. Both of these problems require surgery. Doctors may also recommend insemination for the sperm if male subfertility is pinpointed as the issue (

When these treatments do not result in pregnancy, couples must decide if they want to continue their journey with assisted reproductive technology (ART). These technologies include IVF, ICSI, GIFT and ZIFT. These are the most costly, pricing as much as $18,000. They are also invasive and often painful.

The success rate for any of these treatments obviously vary with each individual couple, but each pregnancy that results is surely worth the pain and the cost.


With the development of ToConceive, we hope to help couples reduce the number of stages in their infertility journeys by providing a safe and natural way to assist conception. ToConceive can be an effective solution to many cases of infertility, including hormone deficiancies, unexplained infertility, male subfertility and PCOS. ToConceive can also be used in conjunction with other infertility treatments to help speed up the conception process.


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