Apps to Help with Conception

hero_iphone4-5_wideiPhone, iPad, iPod, iEverything…technology has invaded nearly every part of lives, including our fertility. App developers have seen the potential in the market for useful fertility apps and has answered in a big way. Check out some of the apps on the market to help with conception.

Kindara — a personal favorite of ours here at ToConceive, Kindara concentrates on the Fertility Awareness Method, including charting basalkindara-400px body temps and cervical fluid. Kindara allows you to input your data, your goals and track your most fertile days so you know the best times to attempt intercourse to get pregnant and is backed by a team of experts to answer questions and provide helpful information.

Baby Cloud — developed by Novosibirsk scientists. A sensor attaches to a woman’s body and measures temperature and other variables, sending an alert to the user’s phone when she’s ovulating and most fertile. The device can also send info to the woman’s physician. The device will cost between $130-160.

Fertility Friend — Another way to track your menstrual cycles and determine optimal fertility times that allows you to adjust to pregnancy tracking once you do get pregnant.

My OBGYN — Benefit from the experts to answer all your questions about fertility and conception right on your phone.

Do you have a favorite app for fertility??


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