True or False? Myths About Conception

I recently read an article from the Gambit on the Misinformation on Conception and it got me thinking about the myths about misconception so many women believe to be true. Let’s explore the truth behind some of those myths:

It’s impossible to get pregnant in your 40s

While it’s true that the older a woman gets the fewer normal eggs she produces, it is not impossible for a woman to conceive in her 40s, proven true by the thousands of women in their 40s (and older!) that get pregnant every year. Women in their 40s should take some extra precautions, however, when getting pregnant. Many doctors encourage women in their 40s who want to get pregnant to get help right away. Other options include using donor eggs from a younger donor. Just like younger women, women in their 40s should take prenatal vitamins, get daily moderate exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Women in their 40s have a higher chance of miscarriage, as well as higher instances of genetic defects such as down syndrome. To help alleviate these risks, pregnant women in their 40s receive high-risk prenatal care and many undergo genetic testing.

couple pregnancy testGetting pregnant is natural and easy

As the 8 million women dealing with infertility each year know, getting pregnant is not always natural and easy. Women have a very small window to get pregnant each month, based on when they ovulate, when they have intercourse and whether all the pieces of the conception puzzle fall into place. Thankfully, couples TTC have help, including charting BBT, checking cervical mucus and timing intercourse for most fertile times, to make the seemingly easy process work for them. Learning how your body works is a great first step in assuring that you can get pregnant easily and quickly.

Fertility is always the woman’s fault

When a couple deals with infertility, many people wrongly assume something is wrong with the woman. However, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, in nearly 40 percent of couples experiencing fertility issues, male infertility is the main or contributing issue. If you’re having trouble, consider having your husband or partner checked for fertility issues.

For more information on fertility, the conception process and getting pregnant, visit the Key to Conceive website!


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