Sperm Capacitation, an introduction

What's missing? You guessed it, Sperm Capacitation!

Sperm Capacitation, the missing piece!

You may wonder why we talk about sperm capacitation so much and often blog, post, tweet, etc. about it. Here’s why–without Sperm Capacitation, conception will not take place! Many cases of infertility can be linked to sperm capacitation, but the average couple struggling with it has likely never even heard the term, much less understand its importance. We want to help educate those who are TTC about sperm capacitation in hopes of more successful conceptions. Here is an introduction to Sperm Capacitation for you:

What does Sperm Capacitation mean?

Sperm capacitation is the process by which the woman’s lubricant removes the outer layer of the sperm that is entering the vagina on its way to the fallopian tube.

What capacitates the sperm?

The woman’s natural vaginal lubrication that is produced during sexual arousal.

Why do some sperm not become capacitated?

In many cases, the woman’s body is not producing enough vaginal lubrication to capacitate the sperm.

Clearly, this leads us to the conclusion that if sperm are not being capacitated, then women are not getting pregnant. So, what can be done?

How do sperm that are not being naturally capacitated become capacitated?

One way sperm can be capacitated is through in vitro capacitation, which occurs in a laboratory. Sperm can also be capacitated through the woman’s use of ToConceive, as it helps her naturally produce the lubrication needed to achieve sperm capacitation.

Is sperm capacitation always necessary?

Yes, as part of the process of conception, sperm capacitation is always necessary. It is even necessary in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, such as IUI, IVF and GIFT.

Hopefully you can now understand why we are constantly talking about sperm capacitation–it truly is the KEY to conceive! For more education on sperm capacitation and how ToConceive specifically can help this process, please visit the links on the topic at http://www.keytoconceive.com and watch the video “How to Conceive”.


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