Keeping the Romance While TTC

Between charting basal body temperatures, checking cervical mucus and timing intercourse, for many couples trying to conceive, all forms of romance can go right out the bedroom window. Couples struggling to conceive often find that sex becomes a chore or another to-do to check off the list, which can further impede their chances of conceiving.

ToConceive, created by an award-winning gynecologist, helps a woman create her own natural conception lubrication to increase pleasure and the chances of conceiving. The product not only makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable for a woman, but also promotes sperm capacitation, essential for conception. Couples using ToConceive can enjoy sex for conception, while at the same time increasing a woman’s own natural conception lubrication.

How does something so seemingly natural and fun turn into such hard work in the first place? The Infertility Unit of Ferrara University studied a sample of 60 infertile and 52 fertile couples and found that the infertile couples showed a decrease in sexual satisfaction, impaired sexual arousal, lubrication deficiencies and lack of orgasm. As the study states, “as far as infertility is concerned, sexual intercourse can lose its spontaneity because it is aimed at ‘baby-making’ and it is strictly restricted to ‘fertile’ days.”

Having sex on a schedule can be emotionally stressful for both couples, especially for male partners, who feel progressively degraded to the role of “sperm donors”. For women, hormone medication can produce certain side effects that affect their sexual behavior and desire to have sex.

romanceAs the study concludes, infertile women have decreased sexual arousal and lubrication, both of which are necessary for the conception process. The so-called “decay of pleasure” leads to a vicious cycle for infertile couples, who only see sex as a chore. “Sexuality can be therefore deprived of its recreative and erotic value and subordinated to the direct goal of pregnancy,” states the Ferrara study.

Even celebrities like Michael Buble and his wife Luisana Lopilato admit that sex to conceive wasn’t sexy. Buble spoke candidly in an interview on the Graham Norton Show, telling the host that sex became very unsexy because it had to be done on a schedule.

All kinds of advice exists online on how to enjoy sex while trying to get pregnant, including numerous sex tips for when you’re trying to conceive. Tips range from taking your time, sticking to a routine, utilizing all five senses and changing positions.

Even the co-founder of PayPal, Max Levchin, has developed an app for the iPhone that helps a woman track her ovulation, notifying her of her most fertile periods and offering advice like what type of lingerie to wear when trying to conceive.

Whether you buy new lingerie, light a few candles or take a romantic getaway to mix up the babymaking, ToConceive can counteract many of the unwanted sexual side effects of infertility, such as a lack of lubrication. Using ToConceive not only makes conception easier, it can make the experience more enjoyable too.


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