Conception Counseling

Before making a major life change, such as buying a house or purchasing a car, most of us spend many hours researching, talking with experts and finding out as much information as possible. Why shouldn’t a couple trying to conceive take the same care? Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the BIGGEST life changes, but most couples go into the process willy-nilly without any information.

counselEnter in pre-conception counseling, a new trend in TTC couples. Not just for those struggling to conceive, pre-conception counseling gives couples just thinking about starting a family helpful information such as the best time to conceive and how to best prepare your body for pregnancy. Pre-conception counseling also helps the couple pinpoint potential hereditary problems and find any current lifestyle choices that may hinder a pregnancy.

Find more information on pre-conception counseling here. When you are ready to try for a baby, check out ToConceive!

An All Natural Solution to Infertility

mentholleafAt the beginning of the year my sister-in-law inspired me to start eating a healthier diet, namely an all-natural diet, cutting out as many preservatives and additives as possible. At first I wasn’t so convinced that it really mattered- people have been eating these things for years and they seem fine. But the more I read, the more I think that I may be wrong. Although I am so thankful to live in a place and a time where I can easily access something to nurture my body, do prepared and boxed foods really nurture my body? I wonder how much healthier a life I could live if all my food came straight from the earth, from the livestock, etc. without being processed, packaged and stored. I have no plans or even any desire to start a vegetable farm or raise any kind of farm animal, but I do like to know where my food is coming from and how close it is to its peak quality. Similarly, I also like to know what types of ingredients I am putting into or on my body when I choose vitamins, medications, lotions and so forth.  That is one reason I stand behind the ToConceive product so firmly. The ingredients are not only all natural, but the use of the product causes the female body to stimulate the production of her own sexual arousal Natural Conception  Lubrication, which in turn allows her body to naturally continue the conception process. The ingredients are all derived from natural plants and are only pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

I absolutely understand that not everyone will be able to achieve a natural conception due to different medical problems, but if a natural conception can be achieved, ToConceive can safely play a part in making that happen. For a much more detailed scientific explanation of the natural conception process and how ToConcieve fits into that, please visit our website.

Considering the Cost of Infertility

The Huffington Post printed an article recently that talked about Trying to Conceive with Budget Awareness. As I read through it, I keep thinking, “yes, yes, yes!” Most people have a vague idea how expensive infertility treatment can be, but unless your right in OBthe middle of it, you probably don’t realize how expensive it can all be. If you are TTC, I encourage you to read the full article (find it here) because it does offer some great tips on saving money while fighting infertility.

I would also like to encourage you to check out ToConceive before you embark into expensive infertility treatments.  ToConceive helps increase your own natural conception lubrication, which increases your chances of conception each month. And at just $39.95, it’s a fraction of the cost of infertility treatments like IVF. Find out more at!