Discovered and developed by award-winning gynecologist Dr. Ronald Thompson, ToConceive is FDA-approved, easy-to-use and inexpensive. The science behind ToConceive is based on the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine for In Vitro Fertilization and Sperm Capacitation.

Unlike over-the-counter lubrications, some of which actually contain spermicide and kill sperm, ToConceive is a topical lubrication clinically proven to increase Natural Conception Lubrication in a woman to aid in conception. The product concentrates on increasing a woman’s natural conception lubrication to promote sperm capacitation. Essential to the conception process, sperm capacitation allows the sperm to travel the six or seven inches up the fallopian tube and penetrate and fertilize the egg.

Promoting in-vivo sperm capacitation, ToConceive also helps treat types of male subfertility, such as anti-sperm antibodies caused by an infection in the prostate, insufficient numbers of sperm and abnormal sperm that prevents fertilization.

Available online through the ToConceive website (keytoconceive.com), ToConceive comes in a three-month supply for $150. The ToConceive website also contains background information on the science behind the product and numerous other resources and references for infertility.

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