Natural Conception after IVF?

A recent article in Medical Express, Women Conceive Naturally after IVF, found that one in three women who use fertility treatments for their first pregnancies get pregnant naturally the second time around. The study, conducted by Monash University and published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, looked at Australian women who used ART to conceive their first children. Thirty-three percent of the 236 women studied conceived their second children naturally without fertility treatments.

pregnancy testThe study also found that “women whose infertility was initially diagnosed as ‘unexplained’ were more than twice as likely as others with a specific infertility diagnosis to become pregnant naturally.” According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, for women of all ages attempting to get pregnant, 95 percent will conceive within four years.

In cases of unexplained infertility, nearly 40 percent of OBGYNs and reproductive specialists turn immediately to in-vitro fertilization. Dr. Ron Thompson believes that a large percentage of those turning to IVF for unexplained infertility can actually find a simpler solution. Inefficient sperm capacitation because of inadequate natural conception lubrication may actually be the cause of unexplained infertility. Sperm capacitation is the process that allows the sperm to reach and penetrate the mature egg for conception.

Dr. Thompson’s theory rests on the fact that nearly 17 percent of patients with three or more failed IVFs spontaneously conceive within three to four years. About 17 percent of patients with a successful IVF spontaneously conceive within three to four years as well. These stats show that almost one in five women who attempted IVF, whether they were successful or not, conceived on their own within three to four years.

What changes in those three or four years that attributes to the sudden ability to conceive? Dr. Thompson believes that in the years following IVF, more than likely these patients unknowingly and naturally solved their lubrication and sperm capacitation issues.

ToConceive, a natural conception lubrication, can offer immediate help to women dealing with unexplained infertility by providing the necessary natural conception lubrication needed to properly capacitate the sperm. Find out more about ToConceive and unexplained infertility by visiting the Key to Conceive website.

Choosing the Right Lubrication for Conception

natural-conception-lubrication-bottlesLet me first say I cannot believe I am writing a blog about lubrication- if this wasn’t a family company, I probably would pray my dad did not read this entry. But, after learning so much about the science behind conception and the importance of having the right lubrication for the right purpose, I think it is vital enough information to share with you that I am willing to risk my own embarrassment!

What is lubrication?

Seems pretty obvious, but there are really two kinds of lubrication- natural vaginal lubrication made by the woman’s body and intravaginal lubrication (drug store lubricant) from a tube. Natural lubrication is created by the woman’s body in response to sexual arousal. Many women, especially those TTC, complain of vaginal dryness, or a low amount of natural lubrication. Therefore man-made lubrication was created, allowing women with dryness to find relief and comfort during intercourse.

Can intravaginal lubrication be used while TTC?

In a short answer, yes, I am sure there have been plenty of babies conceived while using drug store lubricants, however, several studies have shown that these lubricants can damage the sperm. Most lubricants contain glycerin and propylene glycol, both shown to negatively effect sperm health and mobility, even contributing to a low sperm count. Many of them also do not contain the right pH balance to allow sperm to function well (  Study after study seem to suggest that the most common lubricants are factors in cases of infertility. So, although a pregnancy could result from intercourse using man-made lubrication, if you are already having trouble TTC, you may want to steer clear of them.

Is there a safe intravaginal lubrication to use while TTC?

Glad you asked! ToConceive was developed with the primary purpose of optimizing sperm survival and function (to help you get pregnant)! Not only that, but it also stimulates a natural self-produced arousal vaginal lubrication that is imperative to conception. According to the creator of ToConceive, Dr. Thompson,  “None of the intravaginal lubricants balance the pH of the vagina to support sperm. Most intravaginal lubricants actually kill sperm, except PreSeed. None of the intravaginal lubricants, including PreSeed, capacitate the sperm to stimulate ovum fertilization and conception.”

For more in depth information on how ToConceive can help you get pregnant and why, please visit All the science will show you how important choosing the right lubricant for the purpose of conception is!